Ravenna Fey

Digital Artist

Hello! My name is Ravenna, or Rae!
I am a mentally ill, LGBT artist that has found peace and healing through art & storytelling.
I have psychosis, and express my delusions & hallucinations through whimsical fantasy pieces!


My dream is to share my stories with the world, through both art & writing. I started out testing the waters with a comic called "Love Letter", and have since moved onto my true passion project-- a webcomic titled "Kira" !


If you'd like to commission a custom piece, then check out the form below!


*currently accepting orders

Current Projects

Kira is a completely free-to-read, whimsical fantasy comic inspired by ancient magic, fairytales, and the callings of nature.
Set to start in the fall of 2020, Kira is a comic that's been years in the making-- with many years of content planned for a large-scale story!
Kira will feature at least 5 books total, updating twice a week (SAT/SUN)


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